December 11, 2021 - Mask Update

December 11, 2021

To the community of the Johnsonburg Area School District,

We are thrilled that control has been restored that allows each individual local education agency (LEA) to make decisions based upon what is best for their school community. We are also thrilled that we have kept our COVID numbers low, and have been able to continue with in-person learning up to this point in the 2021–2022 school year. We commend our parents, students, teachers, and staff for their dedication and commitment to providing a safe atmosphere for all as well as utmost quality in-person learning and instruction. It has not been easy, but they have done what has been needed in order to keep us safe and in our brick-and-mortar setting. Therefore, with your support, we will be continuing with the masking requirement until January 17, 2022, for all visitors, students, and staff during the school day. Our coaches and student-athletes will continue with masking when not engaged in physical activity. We arrived at this decision based upon knowing that consistent and proper mask usage can limit transmission, protect individuals inside our buildings and their families, and greatly reduce the need to exclude close contacts. Please read the entire communication from Superintendent Haberberger.

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